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Australian National University: anu@aiesecaustralia.org
Macquarie University: mq@aiesecaustralia.org
University of New South Wales: unsw@aiesecaustralia.org
University of Sydney: sydney@aiesecaustralia.org
Monash University: monash@aiesecaustralia.org
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: rmit@aiesecaustralia.org
University of Melbourne: melbourne@aiesecaustralia.org
Curtin University: curtin@aiesecaustralia.org
University of Western Australia: uwa@aiesecaustralia.org
Queensland University of Technology: qut@aiesecaustralia.org
University of Adelaide: ua@aiesecaustralia.org

Contact the National Office: (02) 9436 2600
Email: hello@aiesecaustralia.org

Monday – Friday: 10AM - 6PM 


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