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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the age limit for this program?

  • As AIESEC believes that the youth is the key to a better future, our products are for people between 18 and 30 years old that want to live leadership experiences abroad.

Do you provide local volunteer opportunities in Australia?

  • Our exchange opportunities are abroad intentionally. This is to allow you to be out of your comfort zone and experience a true cross cultural experience.

Do I get a certificate?

  • Yes. After you finish your experience, you will be asked to fill out two surveys in your profile on aiesec.org after which you can download your certificate.

How do I apply to a project?

  • To apply for a project you must firstly, log into your AIESEC account using the details you used to sign up onto our Global Opportunities Portal (aiesec.org). Then, by looking through our diverse opportunities, apply by answering the respective questions in the application.

    The application process is not financially binding nor does it require as much preparation.

How much does (GV, GT, GE cost)?

  • Global Volunteer and Global Entrepreneur cost $950 (Admin Fee) + Project Fee.

  • Global Talent cost $1200 (Admin Fee) + Project Fee.

    These costs do not cover visa, flights and travel insurance but we are currently promoting discounts here. Our local AIESEC representatives will also provide assistance in making sure you secure your visa, flights and travel insurance.

Are these countries or exchange programs safe? 

How long would the process roughly take?

  • The process can take from anywhere from one week onwards as our services depending on your cooperation. Our local AIESEC representatives will be contacting and responding within 24 hours to ensure the ease and efficiency of the process.

What’s the difference between GV and GT and GE?

  • Global Volunteer is a 6-8 week program that allows an exchange participant to volunteer in communities to help achieve towards one of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Global Entrepreneur is a 6-8 week program that allows an exchange participant to intern for a startup abroad to gain entrepreneurial skills. 

  • Global Talent is a 12-52 week paid program that allows an exchange participant to gain work experience in their preferred field of discipline. 

Is it possible to extend the duration of the project? What if I want to leave earlier due to other commitments?

  • It is possible to extend the duration of the project or leave earlier after consultation with the hosting entity.

How would I know if accommodation or food is provided or not?

  • To see if accommodation or food is provided, scroll down or click on the “visa and logistics” tab and it should state if accommodation or food is provided or not.

What type of support will I receive during exchange?

  • Every exchange participant is entitled to have an Exchange Participant Buddy while on exchange. An exchange participant buddy’s responsibility is to ensure the EP is comfortable and has the best experience possible. You will also receive support from your sending entity to ensure your safety and leadership development.


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