Trailblazers: A legacy of courageous innovation continued

Established in 2023, we aim to make leadership experiences more accessible to youth in Sydney.

As the first city-based committee in AIESEC Australia, we strive to deliver quality experiences through our exchange programs and events. We work to develop each and every one of our members through practical experiences, through a supportive community, and hosting spaces for growth and discovery.

Join us as a global volunteer or subcommittee member and help us make our dreams into a reality- creating impact, one experience at a time.

global volunteer

our global volunteer program allows you to travel around the world and create impact that matters.
see the world, change lives and develop yourself at the same time!

join aiesec

Embark on a life-changing journey with AIESEC, where global connections and leadership growth collide. Do something extraordinary with your life!

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