We are proud to be daring, evolving and excelling.

At AIESEC in USYD, we offer opportunities for young people to develop their skills and their leadership. Whether it’d be through making impact overseas via the Outgoing Global Volunteer Program (OGV), or making proactive change to your future via the Heading for the Future Program (H4TF) that connects participants with an industry partner, or just by being apart of the AIESEC membership by being apart of our marketing (MAC), university relations (UR), outgoing global volunteer (OGV) or business development (BD) portfolios. We make impact.

Join our close community to make long lasting friends, network with all sorts of people and do great things together!

join aiesec

Embark on a life-changing journey with AIESEC, where global connections and leadership growth collide. Do something extraordinary with your life!

global volunteer

Our global volunteer program allows you to travel around the world and create impact that matters.
See the world, change lives and develop yourself at the same time!


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