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Activating Youth Leadership Development

AIESEC in Unimelb runs leadership events and volunteer exchange programs designed to enhance students’ confidence and capability to bring impact to the community and the world. We believe that every young person has the potential to make an impact, and we facilitate this by providing a challenging but supportive environment for students to take risks, innovate in their work, and fail freely in order to learn.

global volunteer

Our global volunteer program allows you to travel around the world and create impact that matters.
see the world, change lives and develop yourself at the same time!

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Global Volunteer Information Session

This event is a special information session where we invite our International Relations (IR) Partners – different AIESEC entities worldwide – to come and share about their Global Volunteer programs. Join this event to learn more about the different opportunities we offer and hear from our previous Exchange Participants.

Global Village

A celebration of cultures from all across the world is called Global Village. This event is associated with Melbourne University’s culture clubs, which promote social sustainability, global awareness, and intercultural understanding. Through a variety of expressions, including dance, cuisine, customs, clothes, and music, people represent their countries. If you’re thinking about taking part in a global exchange program and want to know more about the cultures in various nations and territories, this event is definitely suitable for you.

Sustainable Careers: Navigating Lifelong Success

In Sustainable Careers: Navigating Lifelong Success, you will gain knowledge from experts in the commerce sector about how to make the most out of your career journey in the long run. There will also be an opportunity to network with these speakers and talk to them to help you gain a variety of insights into the progression of their career and how they ensured their career satisfaction